This is the “His and Hers” registry of Francisco and Jessica’s stay in the Lavender Suite of Casa del Sol.

HIS: I’d been planning this getaway or months I met this incredible woman a few years ago, and for the last 81/2 months, we’ve been inseparable. She had no idea I intended to ask her to marry me this weekend. The Lavender Suite by itself was incredible, but he fact that it’s my girlfriend’s favorite color was a bonus. If you go into the living room, and stand by the fireplace, next to the chair by the couch, that’s where my entire life changed early, early Saturday November 19th. She said “yes” and now we’re off on a new adventure. We “locked” ourselves in the entire weekend, and hate to leave now. Thanks for everything you have done to the palace. Your website doesn’t even Begin to do it justice. God bless you both. You two are in the business of changing the lives of many people with all the serenity here. We hope to return…. Francisco

HERS: I was told during the middle of the week to pack my bags for a weekend away. I had no idea where or even what to bring. We arrived in Austin on Friday early evening, and I was told to dress for dinner. To my surprise, we went to see the Austin Symphony perform my favorite piece – Brahms Symphony No. 3. Later we had a romantic dinner, and I thought that was surprise enough. When we returned to Casa del Sol, I was given three dozen purple roses, wine, cheesecake, and the most amazing proposal in the world. This was the most amazing weekend of my life and I cannot wait for our future. We will be back. Thanks for everything……