Thank you for another wonderful stay at your place… “Casa del Sol”. This was our third visit and we love it more each time. Your hospitality and the peaceful nature make this our romantic getaway. Floating in the pool in the evenings under the “Blue Moon” was magical. We heard something last night and looked below to find deer feeding on the vegetation. We always have a new experience while we are here. Our little Sheltie “Maggie” had a blast with Muffin.

Michelle & Mike

This is truly a magical, wonderful place to stay!
We loved the feel of this place!…

Lucas & Julie

The rooms are really a joy to stay in, and entering through the gate at night is magical!

Julie & Sam

This place was a Shangri-La…Comfort for two weary souls recovering from a torturous Chicago winter. The peace and spiritual calm you provided was sheer heaven and to sit by the pool and bask in the sun, and to wonder about the stars at night was food for our imagination and our needy spirits!


A much needed respite and renewal for our marriage after the birth of our beautiful daughter, Anabelle. I can’t even recall the last time I felt so relaxed. Maybe our honeymoon… We celebrated our 3rd anniversary while we were here, and rediscovered our abundant love for each other. This is a very special place!

Leslie & Citris

A charming and romantic getaway where my husband and I could recharge! The attention to detail, the hard work, put in to make this an oasis! We loved it! Hard to believe we are so close to a huge city! Our room was perfectly freshened every day and we were made to feel like royalty! This has truly been a sanctuary for my heart, mind and soul. I can’t wait to return.

Tommy & Amy